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24/7 Crisis management

Bad things happen to good people, and outside of regular business hours.

Our team of crisis experts is available 24/7 to help you manage and guide you through an urgent company issue or crisis. When time is of the essence, we are here to support you with our expertise.

Develop company media protocols

Being prepared for a crisis or issue should include strong company media protocols. Who is the spokesperson for which topic? How do media enquiries to any level of the busines (via social media, direct to customer services, or otherwise) filter through to the right teams/people? What is the chain of command when an urgent media enquiry needs to be dealt with? What approval process is required to keep you and your organization safe?

Alexander PR helps businesses and larger corporations prepare solid media protocols to provide clarity and structure when it is needed the most.

Communications audits

A thorough communications audit assesses how effective your existing communications tools are, provides an overview of their strengths and weaknesses, finds any gaps leaving you open to risk and should always include improvement recommendations. A good audit helps inform the communications and marketing plan.

Having an independent party audit your organisation’s communication allows for an objective assessment and helps determine the best way to communicate with internal and external stakeholders to meet your organisational goals.

Our team at Alexander PR has worked with numerous boards and executives to provide an unbiased lens into the effectiveness of their organisations’ communication. As part of the communications audit process, we will analyse your communications from an outside perspective, as well as speak directly to your key stakeholders within the business for their anonymous and honest feedback.

Issues and crisis management and communications plans

Managing an issue or crisis that affects you and your brand’s reputation requires careful and strategic navigation in order to protect staff, clients, shareholder interests and your business’ reputation.

Nothing beats preparation, and the more ready a company is for a crisis, the better handled it will be. A company or individual will be remembered for how they managed an issue, and good communication is a central part of the strategy.

Alexander PR is a senior team of media and public relations professionals with years of experience managing complex legal issues and crises ranging from natural disasters to major fallout with consumer brands. We can help you to identify and plan for issues before they arise, and guide you through the management of active issues.

Risk analysis for boards and executives

Decisions regarding corporate risk taking and monitoring are top of mind for boards, executives, investors, legislators and the media. Particularly in an environment of global uncertainty, institutional shareholders and advisors are putting emphasis on evaluating existing or potential risks.

With increased scrutiny and emphasis on transparency, having a strong risk analysis and management plan in place is no longer simply a question of good business practice, but more so a governance issue and a necessary part of business leadership.

Alexander PR works closely with Boards and Executives to ensure you are prepared for and aware of the communication risks within your organisation.

Internal and external stakeholder communications

Before you can engage with your stakeholders, you need to know who they are first. That is why stakeholder mapping forms a crucial part of the communications process. It helps identify who your internal and external stakeholder audiences are.

Internal stakeholders may be employees, management and shareholders, whereas external stakeholders may be customers, suppliers, competitors and regulators. This distinction is important as the positioning and type of information you provide will need to vary and be tailored according to your audience, especially during challenging times.

With decades of experience in this field, our team can help identify and position your communications strategy and delivery.

Reactive media materials preparation (reactive statements, Q&As, briefing)

Whether you’re in the middle of dealing with an issue or want to be prepared for a number of scenarios before they come over the horizon, communicating your messages effectively should always involve reactive media materials.

Our team works closely with you to ensure you have well-positioned messaging to help avoid media quoting out-of-context and proactively provide answers and statements when needed.

Monitoring and tracking media and interest groups / environment scanning

Who is saying what about your brand? What are your competitors doing, and is there an underlying chatter about your industry you should know about? Listening to what is happening in the market is always an important aspect of protecting and managing your brand. It is even more important when you are dealing with an issue of crisis.

We offer monitoring and tracking across print, broadcast and digital media, and can work with any software you may already have in place.

Media training

Knowing what to say, and how to say it when media ask the hard questions is something that can be learnt. Whether you are a CEO, company spokesperson, government official or individual talking to journalists, speaking to media without proper training can risk both your own and your company’s reputation and credibility.

Alexander PR can help you communicate more effectively with the media, whether it is for a positive or negative story. We know media, and we know what they look for when interviewing a spokesperson. That is why we teach you techniques around how to prepare for an interview, how to position your key messages and manage any awkward or uncomfortable questions.

We also offer specific media training for those who have already had professional media training and are looking to simply refresh their knowledge or prepare for a specific announcement or issue.

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