2024 Under Siege: White Paper to help in the recovery phase

A playbook for boards and C-suite leaders

Our new white paper on the “24 mistakes boards make in recovering from crisis” is out now.

As the third in a series on issue management by Alexander PR and global contributors, including our partners at PRGN, this resource aims to shed light on the common mistakes made by companies during the crucial period of rebuilding after a crisis.

What to expect:

  • The 24 mistakes Board make in the recovery phase.
  • Solutions for setting yourself and your business up for success.
  • Additional content: The Asia-Pacific Region – what you need to know about doing business, and communicating in this growing market.

You can get your complimentary copy now, here.

Missed the 2023 white paper?

Last year’s guide focused on how to prevent an issue from becoming a full-blown crisis, covering:

1) Predictions and advice for the year ahead
2) The common mistakes made by boards, senior executives, and founders
3) Some solutions – dealing with the issue, averting the crisis

You can find out more in our blog piece, and receive a copy on request.

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