Podcast alert: Is your business prepared for a potential crisis?

Many good leaders will know that when a crisis hits, you need a team of key people in place to respond quickly and effectively before the situation escalates. Who is on that team and how they should operate will directly impact your brand’s reputation.

In the latest episode of the PRGN Presents podcast, host Abbie Fink of HMA Public Relations sits down with Founder Christina Rytter of Scandinavian Communications to discuss the key roles in a crisis communications team and how CEOs should be preparing for a potential crisis.

You can listen to the full episode here. 

Picture showing photo of blonde woman alongside text reading The CEO's role in Crisis Communications with Christina Rytter

About the podcast

PRGN Presents: News & Views from the Public Relations Global Network
The PRGN Presents podcast features conversations about topics of interest to business leaders around the world from representatives of the Public Relations Global Network, “the world’s local public relations agency.”
Is your message winning hearts and minds? With PR leaders embedded into the fabric of the communities we service, clients hire Public Relations Global Network member agencies for their local knowledge, expertise, and connections in markets spanning six continents. PRGN provides customized communication solutions that combine the scale and stature of an international PR firm with the deep insights and hands-on, senior-level service of a local agency.Season One: 30 Years of PRGN
While in Scottsdale, Arizona for PRGN’s spring conference and to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Network, agency leaders discussed topics of global significance including ESG, sustainability, creative compensation, succession planning, agency growth and office culture.

More about the host and interviewee in this episode:

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HMA Public Relations: Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – LinkedIn
Abbie Fink: Twitter – Instagram – LinkedIn
This article was based on a podcast episode by the Public Relations Global Network (PRGN) of which Alexander PR is a member.  If you are a  business leader wanting to prepare for issues and crises, you might also be interested in our other blog posts.

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